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March’ing on….

March 5th, 2008

been a while since my last post, and lots to report.

I’ve been back from Abu Dhabi about a month now, and was expecting to be back out there, this/last week but the work is being managed well enough from home. Suits me too, as there really is so much going on here.

The main project I was over in AD working on is coming along well, in the meantime one of the other projects I worked on as a phase I was launched last week. My role was to take the designs and build the containing HTML. This site is an interim mind you and will be updated later this year.

I went in to see my old pals at Corporate Edge last week, regarding possibly working with them during May and June. It was nice to go into the office and see all my old pals, and grab a lunch with some of them.

What else is there to report?

Well I have been undertaking a large number of changes on http://www.petercameronfineart.com. Please check out Tim Woolcocks new paintings as of Monday 10th.

I have also been working on a website for a point of sale company, and insurance brokers and an estate agents amongst other bits and pieces. Oh and lots going on with http://www.blinds4uk.co.uk, in fact we may be able to actually get the site built in CSS later this year. All good progress.

Last week, after much discussion with my accountant JanLeeks.com is going to go limited and VAT registerd from April 5th this year. I will at that point have my first full years accounts (plus a few months from the previous year) and the way things are going, this is the next logical step.

More on this as and when it happens, but I guess it means lots more to learn about invoicing, payments etc. Just as I got used to being a sole trader!

Well its live and learn time. I am hoping to have the flat sold soon too, I have thought long and hard about where to move to, and I have decided that Surrey is my new destination after living in North London for all my life. Lots of reasons why, but of course I am going to miss Enfield, but the time has definately come to move on.

When this all happens I will explain more, but for now just to say I have made my decision.

Finally, how good were Arsenal last night in the San Siro. I was over the moon, and thought of my friends who were lucky enough to get out there, i bet you had a great night. I was so happy with the boys, especially after going to the awful Villa game on Saturday.

Well best crack on, so much to do…

until next time…

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