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Christmas is nearly here…..!

November 29th, 2007


as you can see I have put a festive twist on my homepage for the holiday period. I wanted to leave it a little longer, but recently the pressure of Christmastime being forced on us earlier and earlier has got to me.

It’s been a great November, but unfortunately I have been unwell with a nasty bug since last Sunday. No time for being ill in self-employment, as I have found this week so a big thanks to Lemsip!

So what have i been up to…?

Well have spent most of the month working with my friends CADInteractive over in Battersea on two projects. One for BT that I have mentioned before, the other for National Express. These two projects will be continuing well into December so add those too my other ongoing projects and I am busy until the new year – which is great.

Talking of Christmas, I have been doing some Christmas Branding for my friends at Blinds4UK, and if you go to the site you will see one of the many banner/background designs that I have done. Thanks for the ongoing work guys.

I have also been working on an animated Christmas Card for my friends at Wechsler and have enjoyed that too. Should be completed soon!

Once again on a Christmasy kind of note, I have also been doing my bit for charity, working for free on a website for underprivileged children in Calcutta. For more information please direct your browser to Haven International.

As usual there have been the normal quotations and leads, and of course I will tell you more about those as and when they happen.

I have been contemplating my next year as self employed a great deal this week. As you may be aware I’m currently trying to move home, and my new home will have a dedicated studio that I want to have two desks. I will then think about taking someone on, as well as continue to work with other individuals.

Its been an excellent year so far, and I am looking forward to a few days off at the end of December.

Finally my football team. We won on Saturday 3-2, the first win in 6 weeks. As you can imagine we were chuffed…. Lets hope there are more wins to follow.

Enjoy the early Christmas party season, more mid December.


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